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Address: 27 baoyuan road, development zone, jinnan district, tianjin city

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Company profile

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Founded in 2001, Tianjin Pacific Chemical & Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd (TPCPC) is located in Jinnan Development Zone of Tianjin,and it covers an area of more than 3900㎡ including a construction area of 9259.55㎡. In 2002, TPCPC gained GMP Certificate issued by China State Food & drug administration.Equipped with advanced production equipments and testing instruments, TPCPC can manufacture a variey ofPhamaceutical Raw Materials with quality products. Highly qualified professionals have been employed to engage in work on research & development, technology, marketing and so on, thus enabling us to reach the purpose of the strictly scientific management in production & quality and offering excellent after-sales service.Apart from GMP as code, we follow the idea of philosophy that more scientific,more strict and more standard—be responsible for human life are regarded as the tenet of our company. And strict management , quality assurance and training employee to be the first-class personnel as well as building the first-rate enterprise manufacturing world-class products are referred to our mission. Moreover,TPCPC keeps improving competitiveness of our key-products with a view to striving a great development in all respects.Since the date of foundation, TPCPC persists in the principles of market-orientation,quality assurance, taking science and technology as the forerunner and putting products as fundamental in terms of operation mode. Besides this, it is in strict accordance with the law of market economy that we standardize and perfect behavior of the enterprise and listening attentively and regularly to clients’ voices has become part of our routine agenda. All this is fundamentally guaranteed for rightness,effectiveness and rationality of market decision and operation. TPCPC continues launching novel products with superior quality, which is considered to be “outline” with consummating service marketing as “purpose” and sales of Pharmaceutical Raw Materials as “media”. Our company takes pleasure in making friends with the personalities of various circles to promote joint progress and development.

Tianjin Pacific Chemical & Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd